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1. Painting the Town's projects are sure
to look better and last longer

We put quality time and effort into everyone of our projects.
We pride ourselves in going above and beyond expectations.

2. We offer customer incentive programs,
customized to meet your needs

3. Cost efficiency is an essential part of
any successful project

That's why at Painting the Town we work more effectively
through successful partnering with our clients. We plan our jobs ahead of time to ensure a smooth well prepared operation
and we work with our suppliers to get the best pricing possible,
all to pass the savings on to you.

4. Expert advice to make sure your job is done right

At Painting the Town, our professional employees
have a wealth of experience in the industry.
Our full-time staff is dedicated to translating the skills and knowledge of our profession to you.
Even if you have a question we don't know, we will
find the answer for you. Just Ask us.
We're always ready to help.

5. The perfect color every time

Painting the Town knows that color is critical.
That's why we work with our clients and suppliers to make
sure we select the right colors, the first time.
Choosing the right colors is important, that's why we can provide both draw down paint samples or mock-up for any color and location. If you have a fabric, flooring or window
treatment you want matched, we can do that too.

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6. Customer service with a difference

We are highly experienced with architectural
and industrial coatings and we are available to assist
you with questions on your projects.
We have a personal stake in making sure you're
completely satisfied with our products and services.
Our policy is to do whatever it takes to help get your
job done right and on time. We spend more
time answering questions, assisting
customers and being available to make sure your
project goes smoothly.

7. Un-paralleled Quality Craftsmanship

8. Attention to detail is our highest priority

Whether your project is big or small, we do it right,
or not at all. We never take shortcuts.

9. Greener Design

All green products are green because they are formulated
for maximum eco-efficiency. That means each product
is made using the least amount of energy and
material resources needed to meet performance requirements,
while avoiding the use of potentially harmful
ingredients. We take great care toprotect our
customers while conserving the Earth's resources.

10. Over 50 years of success

Knowledgeable people. Dependable service.
Proven performance. Superior products.
That's why thousands of satisfied
customers have chosen Painting the Town.
That's why you should too!

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